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Kisaasi (Uganda) residents protest Bahais' refusal to allow road construction PDF Print E-mail
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Entries - Buildings
Written by NTV, Uganda   
Monday, 20 October 2014

Residents of Kisaasi -Kikaya Zone in Kampala have held a peaceful demonstration against the Bahai Worship Centre for refusing KCCA and Energo Construction company to construct a road through their land until they are compensated Ushs3 billion. [$US1.1 million]

Residents of Kisaasi -Kikaya Zone have held a peaceful demonstration against the Bahai Worship Centre for refusing KCCA and Energo Construction company to construct a road through their land until they are compensated 3 billion shillings. The residents led by the Kawempe North MP Latiff Ssebagala have given Bahai an ultimatum of two weeks to let the construction proceed.

Currently the Bahai temple has filed a suit in court seeking compensation for the land where the road is supposed to pass.

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Love Means Rebuilding PDF Print E-mail
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Baha'i Life - Community
Written by Caleb Gilleland, NineBranches   
Sunday, 12 October 2014

First I want to tell you a quick story about a city. My city. Then well talk about what it can mean for the growth of your local Bahai community.

Many older Bahais think back longingly on the 60s and 70s as a kind of golden era when the community was bigger, more energetic, and it was changing the world.

My wife and I recently moved to Jersey City, New Jersey, so close to Manhattan that were staring it in the face every morning when we wake up. JC is the definition of an up-and-coming town there are a handful of high-rises under construction at any given time, there are tempting new restaurant options every time we walk over by Grove Street, and tens of thousands of new people like us making it home.

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Being Bahai and Gay PDF Print E-mail
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Entries - The Subject of Boys
Written by James Howard Russell, Susan Gammage's Web Site   
Wednesday, 17 September 2014
James Howard Russell

Allahuabha! I am a 41 year-old third-generation Bahai. Im also gay. On the six-point Kinsey scale I eventually nailed myself as 4.5, which is at about the 75 percent mark across the scale (0 totally straight, 3 bisexual, and 6 totally homosexual). Sadly, this means to me that 75 percent or so of my sexual interest is devoted towards men. Woops, I am one, and people have a problem with that.

I met a Bahai recently who told me he had living in Seattle never even met a gay Bahai, and so after some thought, Ive decided to share a little of my journey from a man that has had homosexual feelings since before puberty, hated himself for them fiercely, and come out alive on the other side to write this.

Just a little background about me: like others in this country who went to school in the 1980s or prior, I was taught by American society that a man being attracted to men was considered morally wrong before I even knew to associate that concept with myself. When later I finally had accept in myself an innate attraction to other men, you can imagine the impact on my self-worth as I had to accept that my brand-new sex drive as a young man, such a part of any young mans excitement when embarking towards manhood, was broken.

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Help! Bahais are taking over the gardens! PDF Print E-mail
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Entries - Bahais in Iran
Written by Sen McGlinn, Sen's Daily   
Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The latest story in Iran’s government-approved media is that Bahais are up to no good in an extensive park on the Western outskirts of Tehran, on the road to Kharaj, known as the Vardavard gardens. A google search at 17.30 GMT today found 408 media sites expressing their concern at Bahai activities in the area, in identical words. The stories have two different titles: “The Vardavard gardens are a safe place for immoral Bahai activities” [example] and “A place for having sex with girls, on condition of becoming a Bahai.” [example]. With respect to the latter: if Iranian society is full of young men and women who want to have sex with strangers, wouldn’t they simply find one other without needing to become Bahais? And find a nice mullah who will make sex with strangers all right an proper, by giving them a sigheh marriage for an hour or two?

According to the story, the Bahais attract converts through allowing immoral acts with Bahai women and girls, and therefore they are always on the lookout for safe places. In fact they are even attracting homosexuals! They have a big property in the area of the park, with lots of rooms and a pool and sound-proofing, where they have cocktail parties for boys and girls together. One of the sites even has a photograph. The camera doesn’t lie. Not only are there Bahais drinking beer and cocktails, there are women without hejab, the doors to the street are wide open, and there are no crowds of basij and hezbollah on motorcycles. Tehran is not what it used to be.

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